At Golden Voice English, we have developed extensive, engaging and effective lessons that make learning English fun for both students and tutors. Children all over China, from grades one to nine, are ready to learn from professionally trained, native English speakers, like you! If you are enthusiastic, professional and reliable, you will be rewarded with smiles from students who are excited to see you week after week. You will marvel at how quickly your students progress with their language skills under careful guidance. We aim to foster an atmosphere of fun and education that everyone will enjoy.

Organized GVE Curriculum

At GVE, we offer a core set of one-on-one and small group (2-6 students) lessons that run year-round to English-language learners. Lessons are offered in both 2 and 3 day packages, providing fun opportunities for students to Learn, Practice and Apply their English language skills.

The Story Reading Program is a 3 level course package offered by GVE to help students with their listening and reading skills. Using language levels adapted from the CEFR (The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), Story Reading lessons are divided into 3 distinct levels for different types of reading comprehension. Each lesson contains 13-18 interactive illustrated story slides with built-in comprehension check questions, followed by a tutor-led review activity. Each level has many unique stories that build an ever expanding universe of characters and stories for students to enjoy.

The Intensive Speaking Course (ISC) at GVE is a 3-week program that helps students practice spoken English with GVE tutors. Each week has 3 lessons for each grade span (Gr. 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6). They are interactive, effective and fun classes that allow students and parents to participate in the GVE experience.

The Free Trial program is intended to give prospective students and their parents a fun, educational experience with our lesson material and tutors.

The GVE Phonics (A & B) courses help students learn and practice short vowel and consonant sounds, letter blends and more. There are 21-session packages with 3 sessions per week to help the students learn the basics of phonics before continuing to other GVE English packages.

The GVE Free Talk program is a 3-level package that is run year-round for advanced English Language Learners. It focuses on practical, topic-based conversation for Grades 4-9.

Using highly interactive games designed to make teaching and learning enjoyable, GVE course content mirrors real world English classrooms. The focus is on both practical daily English conversation and learning new vocabulary and sentence patterns.

Teach with colourful characters and funny stories

Meet the GVE kids and the Lingo dragon family! Teach with GVE's original characters through engaging lessons, activities and stories. The GVE kids travel often as they explore the world of English conversation and grammar. Characters’ appearances and topic interests change over time in GVE lessons. The children appear youngest for Phonics, and grade 1-3 lessons. They grow progressively older throughout grades 4-6 and 7-9. Character development is ongoing, with characters gaining more traits and interests as they progress through the weekly academic program lessons.


Lu Lu

Li Jun

Jing Jing

Wang Bo

Who we are and what we do

Based in Toronto, Canada, Golden Voice English Online Education Inc. (GVEOE) is a North American company that understands the needs and challenges of Chinese English language learners. We have created an engaging and interactive e-Learning platform to teach English to students in China from grades one through nine. GVEOE’s unique platform acts as a supplementary aid to the students in-class English learning as it follows the Chinese government mandated curriculum. We are a young team eager to make a difference in the eLearning industry. We created a fun and interactive eLearning platform for students in China that is supported by our North American Tutors. Our team is made of ESL Teachers, English Master Graduates and Experts in Chinese Education.

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