The Chinese education system is not built to effectively teach children how to speak English.

GVE works to overcome these obstacles with an English learning solution from North America with a Chinese heart.

Education System

The educational system is very strict and highly disciplined, with limited time for class discussion and student interaction. English classes mainly focus on reading and writing, without any practice for listening and speaking.

Parents Concerns

Parents want their children to have good career opportunities, which means they have to do well academically and pass their entrance exams. A large component of the Zhongkao (the Senior High School entrance exam) tests English language ability in reading, speaking, listening and writing.

Lack of Native English Speakers

Many Chinese students live in cities where there are very few interactions with native English speakers. The English taught in schools is taught by Chinese teachers.

Tutors always in demand

Students in over 27 provinces from Grades one to nine ready for you.

Be a part of our Success

We offer the best English learning solution for Chinese students from Grades 1 to Grades 9. This is achieved by combining 3 key elements:

North American

ESL certification (TESL/TEFL, CELTA, etc)

Bachelors degree in Education or higher

Experience with teaching ESL to children

& Platform

Aligns with the Chinese English Curriculum

Interactive online lessons and games

Mobile access for live tutoring sessions

Teachers in

Dedicated ESL teachers from China

Have teaching degree or ESL certification

Experience with Chinese educational system